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Application back-up utility

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You cannot do a clean install and preserve registry settings at the same time that I know of. You would have to had taken registry snapshots before and after you installed the apps in question then run a compare and saved the differences between them. Otherwise it's hard to know what reg keys go to which apps. There are programs that allow this automatically but must be run on install. It goes against most licensing as well. That is why there are product activations becuase alot of people want to copy or burn an installed program and give it to a friend or the program was already given to them and they have no disks. Thus developers created an install process and reg keys and files all over the place in every which folder under Documents and Settings, Windows, and Program Files.

With that being said it is possible to do a full system backup then reformat, reload Windows from scratch and restore the backup over the new install. That should overwrite the reg file and everything else this would allow for swapping the hard drive. Windows backup will not be much help with this though. You'll need a good backup program like from Yosemite or EMC. Maybe someone else knows a good free program.

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No. I was planning to do a clean install.

The idea of a clean install... not to put back a backup of your apps, but to reinstall them, cleeeean :thumbup

create an Unattended cd/dvd with windows + your apps. That would be your backup B)

You could export the settings of the apps, if they have such a feature, or just check for Settings.ini in their folder. (winamp.ini for example, its Skins and Plugins folder).

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