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Standby Modes.


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With my current machine the S3 mode is the default setting and using standby seems to turn off just about everything, including the CPU fan. My previous machine had the S1 mode as the default setting and it seemed to me only the HDD and monitor were turned off with, as far as I can recall, the CPU fan still running.

Broadly speaking, are these the differences between the two modes?

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S3 offers something closer to a true powered off state than S1 does. There are still a few things running with low voltages, but it still uses much less power than S1.

As you found out, the CPU fan being powered off in the S3 state is perfectly normal. :)

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AFAIK, before entering S3 mode, everything (including processor's current state) is saved in memory, and thus memory is the only component that's still getting fully powered, because it holds all the data needed to return from S3 state to normal state. :P

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