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Windows 2003 Slowdown


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Hi, I have an issue (not really a problem) with Windows 2003. I use it as my main OS on one of my machines. Now when I install it it's lightning, perfect OS. It stays that way for about a month or two, then I notice a gradual slowdown in performance. It is still very quick, but it just doesn't seem as responsive. I defrag regularly, use CCleaner and Tuneup Utilities regularly, and clean the registry myself. Also it is completely virus / malware free. Also, I don't install / uninstall apps all the time. I have a list of the ones I use and stick to them. The installation is also nLited and I only have about 13 processes running using about 54mb RAM after startup. It isn't just one installation that has done this, everytime I have re-installed it, it seems to do this.

The Apps I use are:

Adobe Photoshop / Imageready

AutoCAD 2006

Sketchup (infosoft)



Microsoft Office 2003

Openoffice 2.0.2


WAV to MP3 Free Converter


The machine specs are:

AMD Athlon XP 2000+ (1.67Ghz OC'd to 1.97Ghz)

1GB DDR 400 (PC3200) Dual Channel RAM

300GB Maxtor S-ATA HDD (through PCi adapter)

80GB Hitachi IDE HDD

ATI Radeon 9550 (128mb DDR) GPU

So it is a fairly high-spec machine. Everything is running nice n cool too, CPU peaking at around 34'C.

I have checked and double checked everything, but can't find out what it is. If anyone has any ideas, please let me know.

EDIT :: Just realised, I do have The Sims installed, but I rarely use it and no processes related to it are running, woulod uninstalling that help?

EDIT 2 :: All drives are formatted NTFS and the NTFS settings in the registry have all been tweaked according to my needs.

EDIT 3 :: The exact OS I'm using is : Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition SP1. Would a different version of 2k3 be better (such as web edition, i hear that is fairly light) and would upgrading to R2 be reccomended?



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Do you really need w2k3? Is your machine acting as a server? I'd recommend xp...

I used to use XP on this machine...but the slow-down was horrifically worse, and it was not quick at all. even after a very extensive tweaking. 2k3 is better, and i'm sticking to what works.

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Yes mine is still a lot quicker than XP, and it has never ever frozen on me. I can have photoshop, autocad, nlite running, while copying files and extracting from a 22GB RAR file and still have the PC working pretty quick and being able to play music with no interruptions. It just doesnt seem as responsive as it was when i first installed it.

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I would suggest taking snapshots of your machine at different times using perfmon. I would suggest downloading perfwiz.exe from www.microsoft.com (to configure perfmon properly via a GUI), and then take a few days of perfmon data after first building the machine, then take another set after a month or two (when you see slowdown) and compare the data. If the machine really is getting "slower", you should see a difference in the perfmon data showing you so, and possibly telling you why as well.

Also, make sure you are defragmenting your disks regularly - use the following as a guide to schedule the defragmenter to run on your volumes frequently:


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Sorted it. It appears it was because i have the unattended install set to disable the pagefile. I had then been getting fed up of the error Photoshop throws up about no page file, and been re enabling the page file. I disabled the page file again, and once again, its lightning :D

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