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RELEASE SmartFTP 2.0 build 995


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Hey gang this is a free FTP client that has all of the features common to programs like CuteFTP and FTP voyager but is completely free of charge. My first add-on and it worked like a charm...next step is to tackle harder add-ons...

SmartFTP 2.0 build 995

Information: http://www.smartftp.com/

Version: 2.0 build 995

Credit: Gawker

Size: 2.9 MB

Download: http://balisong.theasylum.org/Gawker/SmartFTP_2.0.995.cab

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I did mind the wait.


I hope that was a typo considering I'm not really one of the big add-on makers :D

Has anyone else run this one and tested it to make sure mine wasn't just a fluke? I ran it several times and it seems to work everytime but being my first I'm curious.

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