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  1. Thanks for the heads up Booogy. That links works now.
  2. Dude you are in luck. I just did one. I used this guide posted in the "Office Shrinker" forum posted above(Click the first link by Booogy). Here it is. Someone should make a PDF of this cause its a brilliant guide. I used Xable's OfficeUpdater to simplify the slipstreaming process. OfficerUpdater The only other thing i did was intergrate Frontpage 2003. Oh and also integrated the updates released since then. This was a little tricky. I had to make a .cmd file and point the Config.txt to it. So the Cmd file contained the lines> setup.exe TRANSFORMS=Custom_Setup.MST /qb- Frontpage2003\setu
  3. Brilliant, i thought i was gonna have to make this one myself. It really is a brilliant FTP client. Cheers Gawker
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