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Registry Tweaks.

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Not Blind, Can Read, Can't find what i,m looking for.

I looked at the Sticky Topics and yes, there are some reg tweaks iI require in the topics files but not all.

To date I havn't seen a Tweak that will

Auto Arrange Icons on the desktop.


Set the powerscheme to presentation.


Without sounding rude, do you have anything more constructive to say or is it easier to point out the not quite so obvious?



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Wow, I'm glad johnlee2509 is lazy and ScubaSteve is rude. I needed the answers to both of john's questions and Steve provided them without all that search hassle.

Thanks guys!

The fruits of my labors....

;----- Autoarrange Desktop and sort by Name--------------------------------------------------------




;----- Set the Power Scheme to Always On ----------------------------------------------------------

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\PowerCfg]


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