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[Help]Installing new hardware


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I just finished formatting my drive n installed windows Xp pro Sp2 n its a copy i got at a seminar organised by Microsoft.The copy is part of the student kit they provided.

There was no problem during the installation of the OS.

But after installing all the drivers n stuff its still showing Found New hardware n shows the two of them as unknown...

It does show the USB icon in the task bar n sez there was a problem installing ur hardware n that it may function properly.

I dont have a USB device except my DSL connection which seems to be working fine though a lil slow....

I cant figure out whats wrong. :no:

Can anyone help???


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if i disconnect the dsl usb it disaapears rom the device manager n if i plug it back it does not recognise it n gives an error.

but if i shu tthe system down n restart there is no problem with the dsl but it still shows two unknown devices.

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another peculiar thing i found rite now is that its showing two floppy drives installed .But i have just one .

I tried uninstalling both of them n then on restarting it installs both the drives.

Abt the format, i formatted only the partition which had windows (if this is of any help)

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