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Media Center Audio


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Hi Guys,

I have a Intel 915GAV mobo.

Recently installed Media Center 2005 on

my pc.

All other functions are Okay...

But I am unable to install

1) DirectX 9.0

2)Audio Bus Drivers..

Experienced guys...please help!!!



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hi ,

downloaded the latest drivers for the MOBO...Audio from Intel.com

still does not work.

the hardware is not getting installed.

It does not even ask for installation.

I dunno wat to do. sitting here without audio.

when i go to sound properties. it says...no hardware found.

Media Center has SP1 installed if I am not wrong.

thanks guys...


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Media Center is just a program that runs in the Windows XP Pro environment...except for a few extra services...

if you go into device manager, does it show up AT ALL???

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nope..all i can see are the audio codecs..

no audio h/w..

just installed xp home too..

coz i was getting irritated with the lack of sound..

but guys please help..

i'd like using the media center..

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Better off, if the pc isn't sealed, have a look at the sound chipset and google around for its driver. also make sure that the audio codec is enabled (sometimes it only lets you chose "auto") in the bios. good luck and hope this helps.

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