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A program is trying to access e-mail (Outlook 2003)


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Somebody nows ho to get rite of this popup, and just simply allow it.

happens when a external program try to access Addressboook or try to send e-mail,

only options is to allow for max 5 min, bud i want it to just allow

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Just a Application, in this case its a shell arround Oracle,

i doint think its important wat kind of application it is, it has to be a setting in Outlook thats reacting on the application thats trying to send a email or retrieve a adress from the adressbook.

its also possible that its Exchange, because i use Outlook 2003 with Exchange 2003


Found somthing in the Knowledge Base, problem is explainted bud doint give a good workaround on how to fix this so you doint get the question anymore


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Found It !!!!

In the Office resourcetool there is a Outlook Administrator pack that allows u to customize the security settings, and publish it in a public folder on your exchange server, ad a reg key to your workstations HKCU and outlook looks at the new security settings and implement them.

the only thing i have to findout now is what way the application uses to acces Outlook, there a a few diferent ways


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