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problem installing alcohol 120%


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i have alcohol 120% trial installed, i decided to buy the next build that was released, 3823...so here i sit with my downloaded software, bought and paid for, i run the setup, and select the update option...the program uninstalls the installed version, which is to be expected, but it kept the settings, all was well until i agreed to the eula, and got a prompt about the sptd driver install, which i allowed (setup cancels otherwise)...that setup got halted (no clue why), and suddenly aborted...i was able to clean up the mess left over, and re-install the old version (after trying the new build one more time)...whether i do a clean install (remove registry info) or update, i get the same error now, on that stupid sptd setup..."failed to open config key."...i poked in the registry, and found an sptd.sys driver under HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentColtrolSet\Services\sptd ...i tried to remove that entire key, but i get this error: "Cannot delete sptd: Error while deleting key." ...the problem is the "cfg" subkey, i cant even read it...i get this error when i do: "Cannot open Cfg: Error while opening key." ...if i check permissions, it says i'm not allowed to read them, but i can change them...strange behavior when using the root admin account, with no other admin accounts...if i allow myself or the admin group "full access", i get an "access is denied" error, and nothing changes... :unsure:

looks to me like this key (cfg) is corrupted, but i cant do anything to it..i've tried chkdsk, no problems..also tried using a different admin account, same errors...any leads what's causing this? or how to fix it? (apart from re-installing OS)..

any help or ideas are appreciated. ;)

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