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PEBuilder Tool Kit v1.02 by JusThinK


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PEBuilder Tool Kti for PEBuilder...

Cuttent version : 1.02

Now AdminPrivilegesRequired for Installation

PEBuilder Tool-Kit v1.02 By JusThinK_Update

Collection of Useful tools for PEBuilder..

List of tools:

- Sysinternals - junction(Location : Sys32)

- Redcl0ud's PEreg

- DEKO's Reg2PE

- Sherpya's RegHives(Location : Sys32)

- RegShot 1.7

- ResHacker 3.4

- UPX With Context Menu Extention(Location : Sys32)

- Nir Sofer Icons Extractor

- Added-Royalbox-bazz's Plugin Creator v4.1.2

- Added-Double Driver v1.0 For Drivers

- Added-ContextMenu

Command Prompt Here > Extention

DLL and OCX File Registration(REGSVR32)


Download link :

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