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WinPE , SMS 2003 OSD & BDD


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You can't use PE without a propper license.

You can download pe from the opk web but if you don't have an oem/system builder agrement with ms you can't use it leagally.

The way to get PE is by SA, system builder agreement or partner status.

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Bart isn't exactly a lawyer, and his "license" kind of bypasses the EULA that comes with Windows AND the one that would be on a properly licensed copy of WinPE... So...

of course, then BartPE would not work with SMS2003 OSD kit and BDD unless modifying it.... So?

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Question related to the OSDWinPE.wim image included in Microsoft® Systems Management Server (SMS) 2003 Operating System (OS) Deployment Feature Pack release [sMS2003OSDFP_ENU].

Is the Windows Image (WIM) format used by the Microsoft Systems Management Server (SMS) OS Deployment Feature Pack the final version that Windows Vista will use?

A. No, the WIM format that the SMS OS Deployment Feature Pack uses can be thought of as version 0.9 of the WIM format, whereas Vista will ship with version 1 of the format. SMS 4.0 will fully support the Vista WIM format (1.0) and potentially an update will be made available to make SMS 2003 Vista WIM format compatible. The new Vista deployment tools (e.g., Ximage) will work only with version 1 WIM files and not files created with the SMS Deployment Feature Pack.

I have downloaded SMS 4.0 Beta 1 but too bad, as stated above, the ximage binary included don't work with the oldest 0.9 wim format.

Where can i get a compatible ximage.exe or does one of you have a compatible copy (please PM me).

I do not plan to install SMS2003 on my network, just want to play with the OSDWinPE.wim. I have access to MSDN subscriptions CDs but don't know where to find it.


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