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general folder security

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I've made the switch from a hardware tech to a network guys and i'm sort of new at this.

I need to create folders for 30 students here in my college. I need to have each student to have access to only their own folder and the professor to have access to all folders. There are public lab computers so i do not want them to login.....

My problem is that i have a windows 2000 server and i don't want to setup active directory. This server is on a network receiving an ip from another server.

I don't know if i'm making any sence, but i'd like to have the students access there folder through the run command....ex... \\computer_name or ip\jsally and then have the user name and password box to come up that directs them to their folder...

i hope this made sence..



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Hi John,

Are your students logging onto the copmuters with a network account? Which OS are the client machines running?

There are many ways to achieve this, just give us some more info.

Are you familiar with login scripts? (batch, vbs..)

.. because you can have it automated via a login script but only if your clients are logging onto the PCs with a network account. the script runs, drive is mapped to \\server\%username% etc.

and giving the teacher full access to all of the accounts shouldn't be too hard. there are (again) a few ways to do it. my colleague wrote a vbs program to create shortcuts to each students' folder but if you only have 30 clients, it shouldnt take too long to create shortcuts manually and just give the professor read (or read/write) access to the shares.

i'm not sure what level you are at with file share / user permissions etc so let us know how the above sounds and we'll go from there.

I could be way off course!?

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