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create a 2nd taskbar?


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I've been using SUSE Linux and the gnome GUI specifially and have really started to love certain things about it. First, I have two task bars. On the top of the screen I have the equivalent of my Start Button, quick launch and clock. The taskbar on the bottom of the screen is where it shows all my open programs and show desktop icon.

I also have added to this task bar a "special character" palette. I click on a special character (₤ ® © ™) then ctrl-v and it inserts it into whatever I am working on.

Any ideas if something like this is possible with XP Pro?


This is a screenie of my Linux desktop.

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I use a similar method on my XP Pro workstations and especially the server. Click start. Drag My Computer to the very top of the screen and depress the mouse button. Get rid of the title and BAM! That's my quicklaunch. O_o

Ctrl and Alt keys help me greatly.

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you can add anything you want on the top

first create a folder on your pc (it doesnt matter where you create this)

then add inside whatever you want to have inside the top "taskbar"

then right click on the windows taskbar

go to toolbars/new toolbar and add that folder

it will add it on the right of your taskbar (like media player toolbar)

then unlock your taskbar with right click/lock the taskbar

and drag that folder out on desktop

it will create a little window with the things you have added on desktop

and then drag that window again on the top, left or right

thats it

now you have your top "taskbar"

you can right click on it and remove the title of that bar

and/or the text next to the buttons of the progs you have added inside

whenever you want you can drag anything inside that bar and add it there

i dont know if there is an unattended way to do this

to have start menu on top i dont know how

but you can drag the taskbar from the bottom to top, left or right when you have it unlocked

and add the toolbar in another place of your screen

its not exactly what you want but its quite the same

try it and maybe you will like it

you can create more toolbars and drag them inside the first

and windows will separate them like the toolbars on explorer

and you can drag to have the distance you want them to have

i hope you like it :)

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