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Setup HP Disk Array and Diskpart without rebooting?!?!


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I am PXE booting a server and booting it into a WinPE image using Microsoft Automated Deployment Services.

When the server is connected to the ADS server I run a sequence which sets the disk array and then runs diskpart to create the partitions.

Unfortunately Diskpart is only showing the first of the 3 logical partitions that I create using the cpqacuxe utility.

I've tried restarting the Logical Disk Manager service and running a diskpart rescan but nothing helps.

Has anyone had any luck with this?



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I see this proble somewhere on th net can't remeber where.... However the guy actuall said he solved this problem by making it a dymanic disk first then converting it back.

I have not tested this yet as I am still on the first part of WinPE.

If you get this working by the way could you let me know as we deal in HP Servers as well


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It's more of a problem with the way Windows treats Disk volumes. As it was decrbibed to me... You have to "kicks" the os into discovering the disks. Sorta like inserting a Cd and the OS never tells you that you did.

I got around this by using a disk manipulation tool sthat we wrote that asks the OS for the Active drive aprtition and actually writes the Master boot recored to a backup file on teh temp Drive (Z). Once I did that Any volume that I created was immediatly found by the OS.

I deal in HP, Dell, IBM and VMware.... Works like a charm.


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It is a tool we wrote in house. I am sorry I cannot give it out.

But you can do a google search for MBRWIZ written by Roger Layton. That tool is similar in function. I spoke to Roger last week and he also has compiled it fr 64 bit.


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