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How to extract a object with outer glow using Photoshop ?

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I’ve been playing with Photoshop CS2’s features and was very impressed...

I wish had more photshop skills like some people here (grafx1’s Windows Vista box is awesome !!)...

I have a wallpaper with a character in the middle having a very clear (and continuous) outer glow..., but it on a very bad background... :(

Is there a way to easily extract this character on a transparent background without having to “magnetic lasso” him (which is a very big pain), Magic Wand doesn’t work properly (because the background is checkered and patterned so Photoshop can’t properly lock on the subject...

Is there someway to make photoshop create a marquee selection around exactly the glow (using it as a guide..) ???

Please, can someone point me in the right direction...?

Thanks, any help appreciated...

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I appreciate your response, but that is what I’m trying to avoid..., I can magnetic lasso the whole character... but I thought there was a filter or plugin or something in Photoshop that could detect the glow (like the example below) and automatically selecting the whole character and allowing me to export a transparent image...

I don’t mind the glow (it looks good), but the problem is that the character is very big and it would take a whole lot of time to cut out properly... (with no jaggies..)

(Maybe I’m being too lazy...)


What I basically want is how to cut out the T (with its glow) and and export it into a new transparent image without tracing it with the lasso... Is there a tool to auto-trace the T guided by its glow ?

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Something like this?


You can use: Select-->Color range, and than select a gray colour from your image

create new layer, and fill the selection using the same gray colour, and than just add outer glow

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I found another way to do it too !

I used the background eraser to erase the background (and protecting the color of the edge) and then the magic eraser to quickly get rid of the rest of the background...

Then I used the normal eraser (small pixel size) and the smudge tool to fix any jaggies...!

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