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Creating a Win98SE Install CD using Flyakite method


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Here are the specifics:

1) Using CD Shell 2.1.6

2) Bigger project is to create a Mult-Boot for XP, 98SE and some utilities for home machines

3) Used Flyakite's methods and 98SE.ima verbatim

Freeze / lock up occurs at the same time irrespective of what I fiddle.

i've tried OEMSETUP.EXE

i've tried setup /ie /im /is /iv / nr /T:e:\tempinst

i've even had autoexec.bat leave me at the A:\ prompt and i've manually key'd in the setup command

in all cases, the program seems to take a while to execute, comes up to the Windows 98 Setup GUI, where i select Continue. Then it brings up the small progress window indicating that Setup is preparing the Windows 98 Setup Wizard and then the minute it reaches 100% the program locks up. the only way out is to reboot.

has anyone experienced this and found their way out of it?

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No, I'm not using VMware. since my last post i have done some further testing and think i have isolated my problem to the use of memdisk (or diskemu). basically, using either program, i can boot the floppy image just fine. i can start the Win98 setup program no problem, get through the Windows98 GUI Setup screen where i click on Continue etc, however, after the small progress window opens and completes - the setup program appears to want to access the A:\ drive. if i boot from a real A:\ drive it works no problem, if i use the emulated A:\ this is when the setup program freezes or locks up. i get the same behavior using diskemu as well. now i'm speculating that memdisk is wrestling for control of some interupts at this point and a conflict emerges. my question at this point is as follows.

are there any additional memdisk (or diskemu) parameters that i can invoke to ensure that the conflict does not emerge. i have read the documentation for memdisk and it appears that there are parameters called "raw" and "bigraw", however, i am at a loss as to how to inject them into the cshell.ini.

any thoughts?

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I don't know very good memdisk/diskemu ... and it seems I have the same problem with an emulated partition magic ... mine floppy's image is loaded by EasyBoot (from ezbsystems), and I have cancelled the project .... For Win98, I load a ghost of the first part of the setup and when I reboot the setup continue ...

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