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Batch for creating sequence of folders

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Hi everyone,

I would like to create several folders in a row like 01, 02, 03 ... n. The batch command should stop after creating folder n. It would be also nice if I could specify a prefix for the folders. Can some please help to create such a batch file?

Thanks in advance


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Perhaps something along these lines may help

SET "n=14" &SET "prefix=backups_"
FOR /L %%? IN (1,1,%n%) DO IF %%? LSS 10 (IF NOT EXIST %prefix%0%%? MD %prefix%0%%?) ELSE (IF NOT EXIST %prefix%%%? MD %prefix%%%?)

Just change the prefix from backups_ to your preferred choice and set your n to the appropriate value for the last number in the sequence, I used 14, for this example.

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