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slowview silent install

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hi there :hello:

im currently trying to install slowview (image viewer) silent.

i found no switches so far, and im searching for them quite a long time now..

i tried to make my own .msi installer with wininstall, but all i get out of it is a useless 4gb-slowview-entry in the software-list.

dunno what im doing wrong tho.


if someone could give me some switches or stuff, that wopuld be really great.

i want to install it silently and associate all image-files with it

thx in advance!


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Nullsoft Installer. You can use /S but a language window pops up. Shortcuts group directory also does not get made with silent install so the shortcuts are made in the root of the startmenu\programs folder.

Silent Script:


As for the shortcut problem with using /S, I also made an Automated version. It will move the 1st installer window of screen. Just comment the WinMove() line with a ; if you want to see the installation.

Automated script:


Save your script as an au3 file. It can be compiled with a right click when AutoIt is installed.

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Mhz, is it possible to make the script not create a start menu driectory called Graphic? (no directory)

I could just use rd after script but just curious.

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Suitable compile directives added and added #RequireAdmin directive if run as not compiled. Scripts are still based on SlowView version 1.0 released in 2003.

Silent Script:


Automated script:


Setting the variable $do_not_create_shortcuts to True will avoid creating shortcuts and thus no folder created in the Start Menu. If True, checks the "Do not create shortcuts" checkbox.

Setting $move_wizard_window to False will not move the 2nd wizard window off the main screen.

This script below has a fix for missing uninstall entries when selecting no shortcuts.



Get from brennig.com

SlowView 1.0 - (January 2003, works on Windows 95/98/NT and newer)

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Add site to get installer.
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