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[Help] - SATA harddisk and installing xp


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hi everyone

i have a big problem

i have a sata harddisk (maxtor,80 Gb,7200 Rpm,model:6L080M0)

the motherboard is (msi 661fm2 series "sis661fx chipset based")

and i want to install xp with sp2 integrated on this drive and i can't first the system didn't recognize the hard

during the installation, and i read a post to insert the disk of sata that comes with the mother board and the

operation go well till it came to the coping files state and it refused to copy the files from the disk, so what

can i do to solve this problem.

please help me quickly cause my boss will kill me if he found out this problem.

the files that is on the motherboard disk is in the attached files.


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I have an Asus motherboard and a Maxtor 300gb SATA. I had the same problem until I made the floppy with the SATA drivers. I think there was even a utility that the mobo cd ran and created the floppy for me (not the physical floppy, just put the files on correctly for me).

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