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Spybot File in Firefox Profile Folder.


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I notice in my Firefox 1.5 profile folder there is a file, bookmarks.html.sbsd.bak.

After a search with Google and a search of Mozillazine Forums I understand this to be a Spybot Search & Destroy backup file of my Firefox bookmarks. I posted on the Spybot forum 5 days ago but have not elicited a response.

When I delete the file it is recreated after ANY deletion made with Spybot SD 1.4.

What is the reason for this file as I've never used Spybot SD to delete a Firefox bookmark?

Why is this backup file placed in the profile folder of another application and not - if it need be created at all - in the Spybot SD Recovery folder, or some such similar?

I hope at least someone has knowledge of this matter as, thus far, I've had a singular lack of success in finding out anything at all.


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