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Media Center 2005 question


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Hey, I was wondering if someone could tell me what the contents of the Media Center 2005 CD set is, the directory structure in particular....

Collegue of mine is try to reinstall it on an HP machine, and while I have both CDs, I've got them in the same directory on my machine, and I need to know which go where so I can make him a set.. (He has a COA, and it says MCE2005 - HP)

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Ok, but what about the WIN51 files? I know WIN51IP2 goes on disc 2, but apparently that's not the only file as it's still not being recognized as disc 2. I combined the two discs together some time ago for service work so we'd be able to install on a customer's machine from the multiboot DVD, but now I can't remember the structure to split it. Obviously the CMPNENTS folder, but what else?


Just realized I hadn't put the WIN51 file on the disc 2, but is there anything else I'm forgetting while I try this?

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