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monitor your bandwidth via Task Manager

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There is a wonderful article at PC World

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If you use Windows XP, you can monitor your own bandwidth hogging via Task Manager's Networking monitor tab. Press Ctrl-Alt-Del to open Task Manager, and select the Networking tab. To introduce downloads to the display, choose View, Select Columns, check Bytes Received, and click OK (you may have to adjust the window and column size to see the new column). If you'd like to make the data cumulative, choose Options, Show Cumulative Data (see FIGURE 1). Close Task Manager and go about your normal Internet activity (but don't shut down or restart Windows--that resets the counter). To see your total downloads a day, week, or month later (if you've left your PC on continuously and it hasn't crashed), just press Ctrl-Alt-Del again.

Came across this after ONLY downloading [ 2 ] Bandwidth Monitors.

Did Google ..free broadband Bandwidth Usage Monitor.

*So, it's in Windows XP SP2 all the time - just drag a shortcut to the Start Menu, and Task Manager will start with the PC. B)

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Very cool.

Yes. I need to check Bytes TOTAL also, as my ISP charges for UP & DOWN data. (Govt. owned - what can you do. At least it works fairly, rather than false claims.)

If Microsoft had just put a SAVE totals on disconnect (even to a simple text file) it would be of better use.


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