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[Question] - Saving Files.....


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It's been my practice to not save anything in my C root directory. From what I've read in a few places, it's best to keep the clutter in folders. I think the logic was because when booting up, you don't want the machine sorting out a lot of junk to find the right files and making sure it doesn't need any other ones in there. Does this seem correct or nay? Is it the same for servers?

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It doesn't really make a difference where you store the files. Best practice is to create a seperate partition to store files, just in case your C drive becomes corrupted, or one day you can't boot into windows. (This is almost inevitable!:) You're data will be safer from corruption by being stored off the system partition. As for servers, most people would say never store any data on the C drive. The C drive should be designated as a boot partition only.

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Like he said, it's usually better to keep your sensitive data on a separate partition than your system drive.

The directory structure doesn't matter when it comes to drive performance. The files are laid out on disk completely differently (for the most part), so how you name this folder and that won't change the performance at all. :)

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