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IIS & PHP Setup

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My server setup: Win2k, IIS5.0, PHP 4.0.10 running as ISAPI.

Virtual servers (websites) each set up with individual IP addresses.

In IIS, each site is individually set up to use PHP as opposed to having PHP set up at the top level so its use is inherited by the individual sites.

PROBLEM ~ How can I configure IIS and PHP to be able to host multiple virtual server websites with different PHP.ini instructions? (For example, one site needs Zend and I don’t want Zend to be available to other sites)

I've tried putting a copy of php.ini in the individual server/site root folders, and deleting the copy from c:\winnt, and rebooting the system. Phpinfo still shows that PHP is using PHP.ini from c:\winnt, even though it's gone! Can anyone explain what’s going on here?

PHP is supposed to look for a php.ini file as follows ~

1. PHPIniDir directive (Apache only - so does not apply)

2.HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\PHP\IniFilePath (this is NOT in the registry !)

3. a) Directory of PHP (for CLI - not what we're using), or

B) the web server's directory (for SAPI modules This applies - we are using SAPI; tried this; doesn't work)

4. Windows directory (this is the only place it looks)

Thanks for your assistance !!!

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