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exchange 2003 help


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Hi All,

I have installed an exchange 2003 over windows small business server 2003. The server fqdn name is abc.xyz.local. It is having a global ip.

I am having a registered domain name yyy.com. Also have set the mx records for the yyy.com to the ip of the server abc.xyz.local.

I configured the user viral on the server abc.xyz.local. In system manager I configured an smtp of @yyy.com and applied the policy. Then I configured the user in outlook. When I send a mail from the users outlook account, it is sending the mails with the user id of viral@yyy.com but when I send mail from an external email id to viral@yyy.com, I am getting a non-delivery report as follows

Your message did not reach some or all of the intended recipients.

Subject: tyest

Sent: 11/28/2005 11:25 PM

The following recipient(s) could not be reached:

viral@yyy.com on 11/28/2005 11:25 PM

The e-mail system was unable to deliver the message, but did not report a specific reason. Check the address and try again. If it still fails, contact your system administrator.

<abc.xyz.local #5.0.0>

Is there any settings which I am missing?

Thanks in advance,


Viral Patadiya

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