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Running .cmd AFTER runonce


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I know this question has probably been asked, but I couldn't find anything helpful when searching. I'm currently using RunOnceEx.cmd to install my programs. At the end like most people I'm importing a .reg file for all my preferences and using another cleanup.cmd to delete some unwanted files/organize the start menu. Some programs like winamp install the folder into the %UserProfile% start menu and I'd like to be able to move some of those files around, however the user profile that I want to modify hasn't been created yet when runonce runs. Is there a way to add a startup item to run once AFTER the first logon when the default start menu and documents folders have been created? Right now I've resorted to placing a .cmd file in the Default User/Desktop folder so that it's on the desktop after logon and I can manually click it to clean things up. Sorry if this isn't clear...

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I fixed this by triggering another batch file from cleanup.cmd

This way the system boots further, and creates all the start menu things etc.

Make sure that u use sleep.exe (you can download it), hold it for about 20 seconds (depending on how fast your system is booted) after that, you can do anything you want again.

I hope it's clear this way...

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