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How can I get the .reg to run without asking me If I want to add? It's the Poco_Systems_Inc.reg.

Many thanks in advance.


@echo off

START "My USB\Poco_Systems_Inc" "Poco_Systems_Inc.reg"


START "My USB\YPOPs" "YPOPs\ypops.exe" /MIN /WAIT


START "My USB\PocoMail4" "PocoMail4\Poco.exe" /MIN /WAIT


START "My USB\Portable Opera 8.5" "Portable Opera 8.5\opera.exe" /MIN /WAIT


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START "My USB\Poco_Systems_Inc" "Regedit /s Poco_Systems_Inc.reg"

Thank you a million for your reply. Sad to say, it's not working for me. Cannot locate the reg file.

Thanks again.

Just to add. The .reg file is in my (My USB) folder.

Thanks again for your reply.

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