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Using the -PNP parameter with sysprep and COM1 issue

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Hi guys.

I created a single image (Windows XP SP2) which works on all my machines (laptop and desktop) except my HP Compaq nc4200. It freezes at the mini-setup screen every 2nd time I ghost it. If I let it freeze and then power down power up, and continue where it left off, it gets into windows. I ghost it again, it freezes at mini-setp, I ghost it a second time, it makes it through. crazy huh?

So, my fix was to use the PNP switch which stops it from freezing consistently but of course takes a little longer for the pnp detection.

Here's my issue, when i enter into windows and look under Device Manager, I now have the Communications port (COM1) with a yellow question mark appearing. I can use any machine as my master, ghost it up, bring it down and this com1 issue still appears. I've tried multiple machines with no luck. If I take out the PNP switch before ghosting, the COM issue is gone however I'm back to square one where the machine freezes at the mini-setup.

Any ideas out there? I actually saw this com1 port thing 4 years ago using the same process with Windows 2000 but I never had a fix. Our hunch back then was that it was an issue with the NIC card. This was on an IBM laptop though, not a compaq.


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I know that this post is from 1 year ago but it turned out that I had exactly the same problem with my HP NC4200 and that they gave me really hard time!! :angry:

It took me almost 1 whole week to figure out what was the problem that prevented me to deploy a RIPREP image onto a HP NC4200.

But now I'm relieved... :thumbup

Like imbrod00 said, during the Mini-Wizard Setup PNP Enumeration, ths Laptop was installing some devices and all the sudden stopped responding...

And it would not go ahead except if rebooting the PC.

I found out that this issue was coming from the Graphics/Monitor Drivers that somehow requires the PC to be rebooted to work properly.

Knowing that I decided to postpone the Graphics/Monitor Drivers Installation to the GUIRunOnce part.

And then, my HP NC4200 stopped freezing during the Mini-Wizard Setup PNP Installation.

And just a last note:

the HP NC4200 Graphics/Monitor Drivers are signed so that there is no need for user intervention. So u get a silent installation of your Graphics/Monitor Drivers.

I hope that this will helpp some of you save some time looking for an answer to that f... problem!!

Now I can go back home... :lol:


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