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  1. Hi everyone, is the unattended document you all mentioned in the first thread available? I would love to see the approach...thanks!
  2. Hi guys. I created a single image (Windows XP SP2) which works on all my machines (laptop and desktop) except my HP Compaq nc4200. It freezes at the mini-setup screen every 2nd time I ghost it. If I let it freeze and then power down power up, and continue where it left off, it gets into windows. I ghost it again, it freezes at mini-setp, I ghost it a second time, it makes it through. crazy huh? So, my fix was to use the PNP switch which stops it from freezing consistently but of course takes a little longer for the pnp detection. Here's my issue, when i enter into windows and look under Device Manager, I now have the Communications port (COM1) with a yellow question mark appearing. I can use any machine as my master, ghost it up, bring it down and this com1 issue still appears. I've tried multiple machines with no luck. If I take out the PNP switch before ghosting, the COM issue is gone however I'm back to square one where the machine freezes at the mini-setup. Any ideas out there? I actually saw this com1 port thing 4 years ago using the same process with Windows 2000 but I never had a fix. Our hunch back then was that it was an issue with the NIC card. This was on an IBM laptop though, not a compaq.
  3. Hi all- Got a quick question...... I have 4 ACPI machines I am testing my Windows XP unattended install on: 2 HP Vectra VL400's, 1 Compaq EVO D510 & 1 Compaq Evo N410C. If I run my unattended installation on all 4 of these machines: 1) The HP Vectra VL400 gets an IP address and can access the internet 2) The other Vectra VL400 does not get an IP address and cannot access the internet 3) The Compaq EVO D510 gets an IP address and can access the internet 4) The Compaq Evo N410C does not gets an IP address and cannot access the internet They are all plugged into the same hub/switch. Normally, XP will set NIC settings to auto detect and do their own configuration. However, both Vectra's have the same NIC and one works, the other doesn't. Troubleshooting: When you do an IPCONFIG you get no default gateway and just a local address of: The ipconfig /release - renew did not work either. Installing the driver from the vendors website did not work. ( If I give it a static address I can for the first time, ping other machines bit still cannot get on the internet. Switching cables and trying different LAN connections/ports did not work. Bios settings look good. Any thoughts or ideas? Something with DHCP I assume by the machine not getting a default gateway but could it be the NIC specifically? Thanks Dave
  4. Hi guys- Great information on automating the hotfixes with the batch, my thanks goes out to you all! One question, after my batches ran, I reran a Windows Update and it said that these 3 patches still need to be installed?? See attchment.... Any reason why they we're skipped over? I'm using windows XP Porfessional SP1, installing the hotfixes in my unattended, rebooting, and then doing Window Update manually to see if it's happy. Thanks
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