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HELP! - Unatteded Install is NOT using WINNT.SIF


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I need some help...

I recently have tried using nlite 1.0 RC2 to slipstream RyanVM's Update Pack 2.0 then add BTS's Driver packs(M2)...

and during the install it doesn't use any of the options that I have preset in my WINNT.SIF file....also, I have previously tried to use nlite 1.0 Beta, RyanVM's 1.3.0 & BTS's drivers (M2) without any issues. What am I doing wrong, or how do I solve this issue?

Also another feature of nlite I can't seem to make work is the Option to show the "Internet Explorer" icon on the desktop even though it is selected to do so. I can make it show the other 3 (my doc. comp & network) without any issues. any ideas?

Here is the code for my WINNT.SIF file:


; Generated by nLite 1.0 RC2

[Data]Autopartition = 0

MsDosInitiated = 0

UnattendedInstall = Yes

AutomaticUpdates= Yes

OemDrivers = OemInfFiles


UnattendMode = ProvideDefault

UnattendSwitch = No

OemPreinstall = Yes

OemSkipEula = Yes

FileSystem = *

WaitForReboot = No

NoWaitAfterTextMode = 1

NoWaitAfterGUIMode = 1

DriverSigningPolicy = Ignore

NonDriverSigningPolicy = Ignore

TargetPath = Windows

Hibernation = No


OemDriverFlags = 1

OemDriverPathName = "%SystemRoot%\OEMDIR"

OemInfName = "net8150.inf"


Xresolution = 800

Yresolution = 600

AutoConfirm = 1






MaximumDataStorePercentOfDisk = 15


TimeZone = 035

OEMSkipRegional = 1

OemSkipWelcome = 1


msmsgs = off

msnexplr = off

zonegames = off



SystemLocale = 00000409

UserLocale = 00000409

InputLocale = 0409:00000409

Language = 0409


InstallDefaultComponents = Yes

Home_Page = http://www.google.com/


JoinWorkgroup = MSHOME


command9 = "%SystemDrive%\D\BTS_DPs_finish.cmd"


Also was wondering, because I HAVE to have my icons in a specified order (obsessive compulsive i guess). Is there a way that I can make my unattended install put my My Computer, My Documents, Etc. into a specified order?

Please let me know what I can do to resolve this issue ASAP if anyone has any input.

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Did you intentionally take out [userData] to post it in here? if not it shouldn't be empty. If you did take it out, i got no clue.

Try a tweak outside of nlite to put explorer on desktop. It's pinned at the top I beleive.

; Sort My Computer above My Documents on Desktop


that would put my comp above my doc. Only sorting reg key I know of.

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... actually this is the file generated by nlite & BTS, then I added a couple things like URL & TAPILOCATION (Which I have used many times before with the previous nlite & driver pack. UserData was blank... I didn't delete anything.

Any Ideas?

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then you have to fill in [userData]

that's the place where it has cd-key, and computer name.

should look like the following.


ComputerName = Name

FullName = "FullName"

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@Grake - Unfortunately I use this setup on MANY different systems so I can not include this information... I WANT to be prompted for the USERDATA.

@rikgale - I already have the deployment tools, but to no avail, I even tried using my previous known working WINNT.SIF file to no avail, it still asks me for the info

Let me know if you guys have any more ideas of what could be causing this to happen.

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I just recompiled XP again, now with nlite 1.0 RC3, RyanVM 2.0.1 and BTS latest (5.11 I belive) and still will not use my WINNT.SIF file :( ...and also for testing I added the user data and also tried another copy with only the RyanVM files... still to no avail. What is going on here?

I didn't have any issues when using nlite 1.0beta, and previous copies of RyanVM & BTS files.

any other ideas would help greatly...



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