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question about settings?


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I own a new Dell Inspiron 1200, with the XP SP2 Home Edition.

I wanted to change my Power Settings so that when plugged in to a constant power source, the computer does not shut down the hard-drive, does not go into standby or hibernate, and leaves the monitor running with the screen saver.

And while I made the changes for just that, (As an Admin.) everything seems to work fine, however the monitor insists on shutting off after about a half hour.

I have double checked my changes, and even went as far as a restart, followed by an entire shutdown, and restart. And still, while all the other changes work fine, the monitor will not obey. Is this something wrong with my OS, or something that is strictly Dell?

Sorry, I know it's a small prob, but it's driving me nuts.

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Thanks Ringfinger-- that was probably it, but Dell Tech Help felt that with some of the other issues I've had, I needed to run the old Cntrl F11, during start-up....

It was a real pain, but it fixed the problem, and got rid of Norton for me... I think.

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