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Upgraded to IPB 2.1.1 Final - Report bugs here


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The cause of "infinite refresh" cannot be RSS, coz rss came after that bug was reported. Also, i have no idea how that refresh bug is occurring.

The main forum index is loading perfectly fine for me, on IE6, firefox & Opera.

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I have managed to narrow it down to this bit of code:

<script type=text/javascript>
var ipb_var_st = "";
var ipb_lang_tpl_q1 = "Please enter a page number to jump to between 1 and";
var ipb_var_s = "";
var ipb_var_phpext = "php";
var ipb_var_base_url = "http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?s=&";
var ipb_var_image_url = "style_images/msfn";
var ipb_input_f = "";
var ipb_input_t = "";
var ipb_input_p = "";
var ipb_var_cookieid = "";
var ipb_var_cookie_domain = ".msfn.org";
var ipb_var_cookie_path = "/";
var ipb_md5_check = "i blanked this out";
var ipb_new_msgs = 0;
var use_enhanced_js = 1;

What I did is this.

I saved the index.php page and named it as index.html and all the .js, .css, etc files that it calls to my computer. And opening index.html causes it to refresh and go to the forums.

Well I manged to figure out, that the sec I take the code out above from the index page it no longer keeps trying to refresh msfn forum index.

Speificly the var ipb_var_base_url one. That is if I change to google.com for example I get taken to google.com instead.

Also, in FF and opera I notice the url above ends with something like index.php?s=somecodehere& , but in IE it's only index.php?s=& .

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Oh and Windows Vista with IE 7 is not effected. Relized that so installed 7.0 on winxp and it is not effected either on winxp.

So only IE 6.0 on winxp it seems. Also, no problem in Win2k or Win2k3. Nor in Win98 SE.

Very strange.

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Searching the topic is messed up.

So this:

|-- General Discussion |---- The Poll Center |---- Funny Farm |-- Introduce Yourself! Microsoft Operating Systems - Software Discussion & Support |-- Microsoft Windows XP |-- Windows NT4/2000/2003 |---- HFSLIP |-- Windows 95/98/98SE/ME |---- Unofficial Win98 SE Service Pack |-- Windows Vista (formerly Longhorn) |-- Windows XP 64 Bit Edition |-- Windows XP Media Center Edition |-- Microsoft Office 2000/2002/2003/XP |---- Microsoft Outlook |---- Microsoft Frontpage |---- Microsoft Excel |---- Microsoft Word |---- Microsoft Access |---- Microsoft PowerPoint Unattended Windows Discussion & Support |-- Unattended Windows |---- Unattended RIS Installation |-- Application Installs |-- Device Drivers |-- Windows PE |-- Multi-Boot CD/DVDs |-- Setup Billboard Screens for Windows Software, Hardware, Media and Games Central |-- Software Hangout |-- Hardware Hangout |-- Gamers Hangout |-- The Media Hub (Not Win XP MCE) |-- Networks, Internet and Security |---- Malware Prevention |-- Handheld Devices Member Contributed Projects |-- nLite |-- DriverPacks General Discussion |---- DriverPack Chipset |---- DriverPack Graphics |---- DriverPack LAN |---- DriverPack MassStorage |---- DriverPack Sound |---- DriverPack WLAN |-- Windows Post-Install Wizard (WPI) |-- XPize |-- Other Member Contributed Projects |---- Windows Installation Helper Utility |---- XPCREATE |---- Windows XP PowerPacker Customizing Windows |-- Customizing Windows |---- XP Visual Styles |---- XP LogonUI & Boot Screens |---- Wallpapers & Icons |-- Windows Desktops Screenshots |-- Windows Tips 'n' Tweaks The Developers Center |-- Graphics and Designing Art |---- Signatures |-- Web Development (HTML, Java, PHP, ASP, XML, etc.) |-- Programming (C++, Delphi, VB, etc.) |-- Server - Side Help (IIS, Apache, etc.) Miscellaneous |-- Technology News |-- Websites and Boards |-- Site & Forum Issues GO

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