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Windows 98 PowerPack v3.0 released [details itt]

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The new autoplay exe file is in the works. I will probably be releasing different language-oriented versions, as a multi-language version will be too bloated. I've included the dependency walker log file from the new autoplay.exe. I've switched to a much better autoplay creation studio, which allows for full customization of practically anything, and full PNG support (All logos in my autoplay's are PNGs). I've included a screenshot of my work so far:


WYSIWYG - The Resolution seen in this Screenshot is the original res.

wow really? that many dependencies? dang i gotta check that out. ill try it in a virtual pc later on tonight. im so tired right now :blink:

thanks for letting me know all that. :)


edit: im gonna test it now, with both 98 and 98 se. ill include the various DLL's itll need in the zip folder. then hopefully itll work. but i have a feeling its gonna put a ton of files on the root of the cd, and if thats the case. ill just delete it. i only tested it on my 98 machine After installing all the updates and such :blushing:

the window is 512 x 360, i dont think it will cause a problem, the person can minimize it if they want/need to.



edit # 2

updated the file, changed a few things (including order of installation) and changed the spelling errors. i havent loaded the copy of 98 into a virtual pc yet, my 98 se cd seems to be screwed up for some reason. ill get back on that as soon as i can.


Is this an autorun that has checkboxes, and a 'Go' button? I'd love to integrate that into the next release. I'd offer it as a simple installation tool. PM me.


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Just the english edition is looking like it will weigh in at 230mb uncompressed.

I'm including:

IE6.0SP1 - repacked installation for Win9x.

DX9c w/Managed DirectX (June 2006 release) - Stripped to bare minimum

Various utilities (7zip for archiving, codecs for video and audio)

More news to come. I'm still looking for various patches, and waiting on the_guy's WinMe Service Pack.

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I'm looking for the_guy's last release of the Unofficial Windows Me Service Pack... Aside from that, and a few missing things in the autoplay, the compilation is done.

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