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Need Some major help with motorola v220, I'm LOST


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Hi, I really really need help in the situation I'm in, I have a motorola V220 and usb connection, I got mobile phone tools working with it, I got PST working with it also so I can enable the java game upload option. The first problem is that I needed to uninstall under modems, motorola phone modem. I then had to fool around with it so I could install my cell as motorola accessory, motorola logger, ect under the device manager. This was needed so I could connect the phone with PST, then when I enabled java upload option(w/ no prob :yes: ) I yet again fool around in the device manager until I can get my phone back to motorola phone modem so I can open up midway 2.8 and upload a game. - So here it goes, 1.Is there a way to have it installed as both at the same time? 2. In midway, I can't get it to work, it says timer expired, download cancelled. Why is this? :no:

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