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Optimice windows 2000 for best speed


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Friends ..

My company only using win2000

around 50 % computers are Piii So i would like to optimise the os ..

i mean . disabe unwanted service & components ..

in an office they just need an MS word Exel & internet explorer ...

share ur ideas ...

Compass. ...

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do you need them networked???

do you need to send messages over the network??

how restricted do the users need to be?? can more information be given??

i would suggest turning off messenger and alerter, anyway 2000 should run alrite on a p3 runs perfect on some 600mhz durons ive seen even loaded with programs

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PIII was the latest and greatest top of the range in cutting edge leading technology from intel when windows 2000 came out so why wouldn't it work ok?

Again, the 600mhz duron was pretty **** good as well considering AMD and Intel had only just broke the 1GHz barier back when w2k came out.

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