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How to add Network Drive in ERD Commander 2005 ISO


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Is there any way add Network Drive in ERD Commander 2005 ISO..

Because it is not been able to detect my network card of my new PC which has intel 915Mother Board with integrated Lan(Intel 100/1000)...

Please help me to solve this problem....

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As far as I know, if you inject the .DRV & .INF file for your NIC into the INF and DRIVER folders on the iSO, you should be good to go. You can load XP and look in device manager to see what files you need.

Let me know how you make out...

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from sysmantec

This screenshot (not sure how to post)

the screen shot show the commander boot cd-rom wizard which allows u to browse for the files u would like to add

is from the very last screen on the wizard that creates the ERD Commander 2003 .iso file. You can copy over the necessary drivers that you need for the SATA drive by clicking on the "Explore" button and then dragging the files you need to add to the I386\System32\Drivers directory.


Subject: RE: commander 2003

This guy is in GM ... please follow up with him.


Can't seem to get CMD2003 to work on a SATA drive...

just locks up and stops during boot up?

seen this and can you help with this problem?

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