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Cd-Rom Missing from Windows Explorer

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I uninstalled my Cd Rom from Device manager to get in back, but after rebooting, it returns to devicemanager but NOT in windows explorer.

I searched my registry for "upper and Lower" filters where the cd keys were, Ng,...please help

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ok i found the registry keys for my cd rom, i deleted the filter keys, rebooted...

The cd rom returned in explorer, however it no longer "reads" a cd once one is put in it.

any ideas?

system restore was killed in aU

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It might help to know what got your computer in this situation. Did you install any repackaged applications? This happened to me once when I made a repack of Winamp and didn't strip out a registry entry pertaining to the CD-R drive before compiling the package.

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Rogue, not really sure, I recently burned an .iso file to a DVD, and I am unable to read the contents of it on my 2nd pc,

I tested this dvd on this pc here, and I can read, and run it just fine.

The 2nd pc just shows "CD Rom, (not DVd or dvd rom as it should be called in "My Computor")...I'm not formating this 2nd pc just to fix this one annoyance, lol

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