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Again those F6 drivers


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Hello there,

Ive been trying to create a unattended winXP x64 Cd.

At first i taught i wouldn't have any problems since ive made several copys for winXP 32bit but... The problems did appear and verry strange ones to.. one's i can't explain with my understanding of unattended setups.

Well here is it :

This works

- A instalation that is modified by Nlite booting (with hitting the F6 key)

This does not work

- The same instalation with an $oem$ folder (and everything in it) and winnt.bat and winnt.sif in the AMD64 folder. (with hitting the F6 key)

In the drivers folder are the sata drivers where winnt.sif points at. (this shouldn't cause problems)

This gives me the fowoling error:

Windows cannot load viamrx64.sys (right before setup copys everything to the HD)

Setup seeks the floppy disk but cannot load it.. why? i have not a bitter clue.

This does not work either

Using Greenmachienes methode for slipstreaming sata drivers.

While i was able to create the 32bit version without any problem...

My setup:

AMD A64 3500+

2x512MB DDR

Asus A8V Deluxe (with sata onboard )

My winnt.sif (located in AMD64 folder )




















- How the f*** can i integrate my sata drivers so that my disk is detected in the windows setup?

Ive tried difrent ways but all fails...

And what the hell is causing setup to not read the drivers from the floppy, it's a mistiry to me :(

Greets Anon5710

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By setting OemPreinstall=Yes in winnt.sif you lose F6 funcionality.

Actually, this is probably a bug in NT setup.

A very known one.

(For example, you could skip copying missing files,

and then after the first reboot, copy them manually using

recover console... it would work then)

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