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So I have a server built up, which has a trial version of Windows 2003 server installed.

I want to create my base image of Windows XP + SP2 + Hotfixes and then I am hoping somebody could explain how I could point the installation to various 'application packages' on the same drive in the server (i.e. these could be contained in folders, Application Pack for Low Spec PC, Application Pack for Medium Spec PC, Application Pack for High Spec PC etc). In easier terms, I want to be able to install a no frills XP install on any computer I choose and then select from a menu or similar straight after the install which 'package' I want to install. Then the package would be installed using unattended setup files.

Also it would be helpful if the 'packs' could be updated easily when a new software version is available or a new software package is found - Is there any way to do this?

Thanks :D

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Well RIS only handles the first part of the WinXP setup...it won't do anything for application installs. To accomplish what you want, you'll need to look into other programs. I would suggest WPI, which has a sub-forum all to itself.

Basically you would have to setup WPI to have different installation profiles, which isn't hard but is time consuming. Actually, the most time consuming part is testing your applications to see what you need to do to make them install silently...then you can organize them in WPI.

Normally, you would call WPI from within the *.sif that you use...GuiRunOnce I believe.

Again, RIS has nothing to do with application installs...RIS basically just moves the windows install files over the network to the client. Once the files are transfered and the text setup is done you don't interact with RIS again.

So all the things you want to do are really more related to the Unattended Installation portion. I suggest you get a local copy working first, one that would work from a CD. After you know it works in that configuration then you can basically use that CD as your Windows source when you setup RIS. There are a few things you need to worry about, but those come well after all the hardwork is done. Read the Unattended Guide, search the Application Installs sub-forum, and test test test.

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Yeah...and read and re-read that link that cheezus420 (Love the name) posted. Between the Unattended Guide and that awesome post you should at least get a good idea as to what needs to be done.

Also, another option is to install WinXP, Update, and then install all the programs you want for a certain profile...then you can make a RIprep image...that's a whole other post all in it's own. You would have to repeat this for each set of applications you want installed. So if you want one profile to include Office and Firefox, and another to just have Office, you would need to make two Riprep images. Also, there are some gotcha's with Riprep in regards to hardware configurations that really don't make it the best tactic.

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