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Need MS Front Page help.


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Does anyone know of a good place to find answers about MS Front Page? I am building a web site and when I go to publish it, it asks me to enter a publish destination. I have Comcast and do not know how to do this.

I am not sure what destination to put.



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Hi Members!

I am building a website with FrontPage 2003. I am using automatic borders, can be selected from the Format menu. This is needed for having the same top (border/margin) for the relevant sites, and to have the same menu. But for sime sites I want to have different top (border/margin), and different menu. I choose Format/automatic border/apply only for this site - but it constantly links and displays parts from the original border. I cannot make it independent.

Any help?

Or other way:

the site needs a structure. A part of the site is Hungarian, an other part is English. I cannot edit the separately!!! I cannot open a clean page, without an already existing structure. I open the pages for the English site, but it shows and links to the Hungarian structure. This is so strange, I persume, FrontPage has a bug.

Thank you in advance for the answer or if you hint me a more adequate forum.


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