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.Pst Size Limit


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I have many users using Outlook 2000. A lot of those users never delete their email or if they do it just stays in the "Deleted Items" folder and never gets permantly deleted. I am looking for a way to monitor their .pst file so that when it approaches the 2GB limit a warning comes up or some type of indicator comes up and says that you are approaching the 2GB limit. Office XP has this feature but I can't find anything for Outlook 2000. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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Are your *.pst files being stored on a server or are they on the actual PC's, if they are on a server you should be able to specify a storage limit for each user. If can be setup to notify system administrator.

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The pst files are being stored on the local machine. If a warning could be displayed to the user to notify their system administrator concerning Outlook, that would be sufficient. A startup script perhaps that would launch a small app that looks at the size of a particular folder and displays a message based on the size.

I'm not enough of a programmer to make the app myself. :blushing:

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