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easy way to install icons?


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is their an easy way to install icons without having to use a resource editor? i have an iconpackage and thats as easy as i can get it but i need to install the program for it. i want to be able to install my programs silently for my UA...

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Hey this is what I want to. I have resourse hacked my shell32.dll and it took hours. Now with Ryans update pack its all worthless since I have to do it all over again with a new dll update. Isnt there an app out there that can take an ICL file and apply that to my shell32.dll and I can go to town and add it to my unattended install or take a image of the icons I have in my shell32.dll and add that to a new shell32.dll.

I thought xpize did that but I cant seem to figure that part out.The new resource hacker has a option to save out your current icon setting which is wonderful but no way to apply it to a new shell32.dll.


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