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I have had no luck sliptreaming PSPX updates into an admin install either. I get missing file errors. Anyone have any success slipstreaming the updates??

Well it seemed to me I couldn't create an administrative share of the retail version of Paint Shop Pro X for only Dutch language. It included also Spanish and Italian language which got setup over 300 MB's.

So I tried the Demo version which contains only Dutch language. Used Bidjan crack to upgrade it to retail version. To patch the administation share to 10.01 and higher setup complaint about missing files, so I copied these files over from the RETAIL package. This turned out to be successful.

At last I compressed the MSI to a single cab installer using wimakcab.vbs from the Windows Installer SDK.

Resulting msi is now 93 MB :)

Notice the trial to full patch is a workaround. You still need a valid key :hello:

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I can't get the silent install working of ...Corel PaintShop Photo Pro X3 v13.2.0.41

I tried:

1. "C:\PSPX\Setup.exe" /a <--(Admin Install) invalid serial ERROR

2. msiexec /a "D:\Corel_Paint_Shop_Pro_X\PSPPro.msi" Serialnumber=XXX /qb <-- it seems to install etc, but it doesn't install anything

Could anyone tell me what I am doing wrong???


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