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No usb 2.0


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About a year ago, I did my first unattend XPCD, the Old fashioned way without using Nlite. Since my version of XPpro is an early non service pack version, I asked here if I needed to slipstream SP1, as well as SP2. I was told no as it would just increase my install size and to skip SP1 and go straigt to SP2. Well, I just noticed, after buying a usb2.0 product, that it is not installed. So, I ask again, does SP1 need to be slipstreamed in, for usb2.0 support or is there another patch for that.

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no need for XPSP1

(sp1 slows system)

go straigt to XPSP2.

SP2 has all the sp1 things on it.

I think this is a problem with your main board.

because all the New main board(after 2001) has USB 2.0 on it,

but in "BIOS Settings" the speed of the USB Port is sometimes set to USB 1.1's speed.

so go to your "BIOS Settings" and check it 1st.

there 2 options in "BIOS Settings" for USB Port Speed

1. FULL Speed (USB 1.1 Speed)

2. HI Speed (USB 2.0 Speed)

if it's in "full speed" change it to "hi speed". then your USB 2.0 things will work faster. :):thumbup

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I've already checked all that, all my boards are 1 yr old or newer, all have usb2.0. Non of them have it enabled, and trying to enable it, it says I must install SP1. Now could this be caused by using SP2 pre-release "beta"? original download date was 8-4-04.

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