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XPCREATE Aug20 for Japane and other Asian people


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Hello, Japanese and other Asian languages users.

As you may know, without file modification, we can not use XPCREATE due to 2 byte OS. No folder is produced (SVC-HF1, HF2 and so on) in the XPCREATE folder, strange fonts may be appeared and stop installing

Then, I made a patch file for Japanese. Though I've not checked it yet, I hope it works on other Asian OS.

Step 1) Install XPCREATE Aug 20 version.

Step 2) Set your WinXP CD on your CD-drive or set a image file on your virtual CD-drive.

  ***Don't click XPCREATE.CMD before step 3).

Step 3) W-crick XC_AUG20_2byte.EXE. (You’ll see patch result)

Step 4) Revise your new XPCREATE.INI

 If you do not understand well how to modify the INI file, pls refer my INI file as follows.

Step 5) W-click XPCREATE.CMD

  Folders (SVC-HF1, HF2 and so on) should be appeared in the XPCREATE folder.

Step 6) Set Hotfixes and Bootimage (if there is no boot image file in the BOOT folder)

Step 7) W-click XPCREATE.CMD

 File copy starts, and in the same time, CD source is checked.

  "Looking for CD Source & Create local CD Source" may take 30-60sec.

Step 8) ISO file will be in the XPCREATE folder. 

CDBURNER=                         <------
DRIVERDIR=$OEM$\$1\Drivers\Nic\LAN;Drivers\VGA\ATI       <------
USERWINLANG=JAP       <------

<------ marking points should be changed

Japanese (patch for 2 byte OS)

[the file was removed, sorry]

I've not checked whether the patch works on other XP machines or not, however, it may works on Asian OS, I hope. If your XPCREATE does not work on your OS, pls try it.

On limited western languages OS such as ESP, FRA, PLK, PTB, TRK and ELL you can NOT use this patch !!


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Thanks, Tinywoods. I've not had a chance to look at your patch (I will this week), but if it modifies the XPCREATE.CMD file, I must let you know that is a BIG NO NO ... If so, please remove your file. If not, please excuse the interuption! If you could tell me exactly WHY it was not working (without refering to the source code), I could probably fix it easily, and you will not need to update your patch when I update my code ...

Thanks for your understanding,


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Hello GreenMachine,

It was rash of me to publish the patch file without knowing you. :blushing: I deleted the patch file from previous my post. :hello:

I like your XPCREATE which is very famous in Japan as a convenient tool. However, due to language problem, XPCREATE has not been able to use on Japanese OS. Many Japanese people who were interested in slipstream-tools knew about it. A Japanese guy made patches for XPCREATEs since XPCREATE was introduced in Japan. I expected a new patch for the new XPCREATE from him, but I found he closed his website where we can get some patches for XPCREATEs. I do not know the reason why he closed the website. I’m afraid that there were few needs to have XPCREATE patches because nobody could get the latest XPCREATE until quite recently. After few days he close his site, I noticed that the new XPCREATE was published. And no USER ID is required. I was happy to hear that. Then, I decided to modify an old patch to match with the new XPCREATE. I have not enough skill to make a patch program. To modify the old patch was just what I could.

GreenMachine, you will receive PM in your mail box.

I’ll inform you where you can get my modified XPCREATE.CMD and the patch file. Please check them.




I could not sent you PM. How can I inform you?

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