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Empty xpcreate.ini

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Welcome back GM... I have a question for you it would seem that your xpcreate.ini file is empty, and the user must write the ini file from start to end. dont know if this a bug of if i missed something. but i figure i would give a heads up this. thanks for the new verson.

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XPCREATE.INI is not created/installed with the new version installation, to avoid overwriting your current INI file. If there is no XPCREATE.INI file, XPCREATE will create it upon first run. As always, the best way to proceed is do a first run of XPCREATE in a clean directory, and it will copy the source CD to the HDD, get the boot image and initialize XPCREATE.INI. You can then modify your source, update your INI setting, and whatever else you may deem necessary. That should work ...

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