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change size of boot screen


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is it possible to make the size of the boot screen larger than 640x960 ??

im asking b/c i want to use the vista boot screen and its white, but my screen is 1024x768 so there is black all the way around the boot screen

i used resource tuner and edited the screen to make it bigger but when i booted i got an error so i had to change it back

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Nope... there's no way of doing this. It's because Windows hasn't loaded your video drivers before this point, and therefore is working on the VGA defaults.

I do agree that it would be nice to have something with a little more colour...

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Windows is running on the default drivers during installation, but still has those drivers loaded during the installation phase. During boot-up, the drivers have not been loaded yet.

Notice that during installation, you see the boot screen before the installation screen.

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Windows really has nothing to do with it...motherboard manufacturers do.

We have native SATA support now but no native support for larger video resolution or more color depth prior to the OS loading...whether it be a temporary OS like Windows Setup or Windows itself.

Be patient...it will come. However, since it's really not anyones priority it may take a long time...

Face it, for it to happen the OS would need to support it and the motherboard makers will need to support it...so who takes the first step?

Microsoft? Yeah right!

When it happens, it'll most likely be a sub-standard mobo manufacturer that it looking for some gimic to sell more mobos and they should be concentrating on quality.

Sorry for the rant.

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