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XP Media Center Edition


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I have a copy of XP Media Center Edition on 2 CDs. I am trying to figure out if there is a way to combine both CDs to a single DVD-R? If so, what files would need to be updated, and in which ways so that when the installation calls for the 2nd disc, it would continue the install from the DVD?

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Not so fast! You have to tell Windows Setup where to look for the CAB's first!

Grab TxtSetup.sif and open it up in NotePad:

Goto line 9343 and change:

sonic.cab = 3,,,,,,_x,,3,3 *into* sonic.cab = 100,,,,,,_x,,3,3

Goto line 9348 and change:

plus.cab = 3,,,,,,_x,,3,3 *into* plus.cab = 100,,,,,,_x,,3,3

Goto line 9355 and change:

mediactr.cab = 3,,,,,,_x,,3,3 *into* mediactr.cab = 100,,,,,,_x,,3,3

Save and overwrite the original, grab your CD 2 and copy sonic.cab, plus.cab,

and mediactr.cab directly into the i386 folder with the other CAB's like driver.cab and sp2.cab. Clear some junk off the CD by hand or with nLite, burn to CD and you're done! Don't forget to use an authentic Media Center 2005 licence key, or all you will get is a plain 'ol version of Windows XP.

Lemme know if you run into trouble or have any questions. B)

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@IndustrialAeon: huh?

you do all that? no further coment.

I own original media, and what i stated, stands.

tried and tested without error.

Lemme know if you run into trouble or have any questions.

no other questions.


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As long as you know how to create bootable media

just combine the 2 in a directory on the harddive

and burn the contents to bootable media.

I did the same and it worked without any problems.

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