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Make most msi packages work in 2003


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Hey guys, i dont post here much and people keep pming me for this file, hence ill make a offical post

Step 1 : Download modify.vbs

Step 2 : Find the msi file you want to remove the windows version checks from (Note do not use a compressed msi setup file eg. the msn messenger exe, if you want to remove checks from them run the exe and find the msi file in the temp files) and drag the msi file onto the modify.vbs file

Step 3 : You should see 3 pop ups come up saying the checks have been removed, now run the msi file and it should install

PS. Due to me not visiting these forums as much any more it is best to PM me if you have trouble or want something changed

PSS. I take no responsiblity for any harm done to your pc or software

PSSS. I take no credit in making this vb script, i just have the script on hand and keep getting requests for it so yeh

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